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Fight Back Hair Loss with Effective Hair Transplant Surgery

Health and youth are supposed to last long and our hair plays a great role in crafting our personality attractive to others. Thick hair is a sign of good health and stunning youth. You have to retain it to have better and youthful days. But in most of the cases, people face hair loss and hair thinning troubles. For those sufferers hair transplant surgery is the perfect solution in bringing back the look of fuller head of hair.

Well, there are many causes that lead people to the dire problems like hair loss, hair thinning, baldness, rough hair, dull hair, etc. And obviously there are innumerable options that we can opt for to gain the lost hair and attractive look but the most authentic and the best permanent solution is hair transplant surgery. Now you need to know a brief on the topic of hair transplant and its various benefits. Here are some of the most effective aspects about hair transplant discussed to make you get started.

What Are The Types Of Hair Transplant?

  • Hair transplant surgeries are not to be confused with hair substitutions. It is not regarding wigs as well as false hairs, it is a natural and medically approved procedure. Patients can expect least side effects from this procedures where as other processes comes with various severe side effects. There are almost two to three types of hair transplant procedures are available for people suffering from hair loss and baldness.
  • Two of the most common hair transplants are Follicular unit extraction (FUE) and Follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Experts will suggest which one is needed for your hair problem. You will surely get benefited from this process.
  • There are some other types of hair transplants that are categorized depending upon the place of your body, Androgenetic Alopecia and Frontal Hair Line Lowering or Reconstruction. Apart from these, if you want a hair transplant for a particular part of your body, then you have to talk with the experts. They will help you to get a good hair transplant surgery.
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Why Hair Transplant Is Better Than Other Procedures Available In The Market?

When you are losing your hairs day by day and feeling helpless are suggested to go for an expert hair clinic and have the most prominent hair transplant surgery for your hair loss. Now the question rise, why should you opt for this kind of surgery? Though it is a cosmetic surgery but it is done through a complete medically approved process. There will be doctors and hair experts to complete the surgery. There are few steps that they follow to complete the process. Following are the steps that complete the hair transplant process.

  • First of all, the experts discern the donor area. You can suggest it according to your perception. Then the expert will judge if your suggested area is capable to be a donor area or not.
  • This step is followed by strip harvesting process. Doctor will harvest hair follicles and cells from the donor area. Highly trained plastic surgeon will there to carry out this task. Then the specialist closes the ‘donor part’ after collecting the hair follicles and tissues with the help of tricophytic suturing and leaves no scar at the donor area.
  • The next step is follicular unit dissection which incorporates a magnifying glass and cold light system. Specialist team of doctors performs this task. All the hair cells and follicles are analyzed by the experts.
  • Then the doctors classify the site where the cells and follicles are to be placed, that is the recipient site. You have to tell clearly to the doctors about your problems and the areas that are causing problems. The specialist will research according to your report. This process or the step can be customized according to the requirements of the patients.
  • Now, this is the final step that is to be performed with extreme carefulness. The surgeons transplant the grafts that are made with the hair follicles and the hair cells. These grafts are placed on the balding part. Only professionals’ hands can place the grafts properly in the recipient sites.

So, these are the basic steps that experts follow to get a successful hair transplant. Prem Cosmetic Surgery is a renowned organization in India who excels in offering successful hair transplant services to the customers. We have a strong team of experts who always feel happy to help the patients to get fuller hair and better hair growth. They believe, a hair transplant surgery’s success mainly depends on its quality and growth of donor area. So they always strive to provide customers with better donor area and high quality follicles to make the hair transplant surgery successful.

Benefits of Hair Transplant:

There are innumerable benefits come with this type of cosmetic surgery. And you do not have to worry about the side effects of this surgery as this type of medical procedures comes with minimum side effects. Here are some of the most attractive advantage of hair transplant is described to make you embark for your hair transplant process.

  • As the surgery has to age barrier, you can have this at any age. Event at the age of 70, you can easily get a hair transplant operation to get a fuller hair bunch.
  • It is always preferred by the experts that, if you choose a good donor area, you will surely get better results. In that case, you have to talk with the hair experts frankly regarding your hair problems.
  • The closure technique that is mainly followed by the experts is highly efficient. Most of the experts use Tricophytic technique to have better result. Then plugs are placed upon the balding area. It helps to open up the pores and grow better hair.
  • Your overall look will be enhanced by the experts as they work on the bald area and mend it. They provide additional beautification to your face. So it will help you to get a better appearance.
  • Bigger the teams of surgeons you have better the results you get. When many surgeons discuss on a project, it is prone to offer the best results for a patient. In addition to this, the sterilization method is also need to be considered. Expert surgeons also take minimum time to get the operation completed.
  • You need not to behave like a patient as this surgery does not take much time to get completed. You can easily go back to your home after the operation gets completed. And you will rightly get the results after 2-3 months. You just need to mend a lotion on the area of your transplant and take some vitamin pills for better results.
  • These are the most admired advantages that made people love this process from their betterment. If you opt for our company, then you will surely get the most benefits from it.

Hair Loss Problem in Women:

Hair problems differ among men and women. Both face different types of hair problems. Women are prone to lose hair because of excessive dandruff and over styling their hair. In these days, there are numerous kinds of hair styling treatments are available in the market which are completed using all the chemical components. That is why; they are getting more and more prone to lose hair and lessen the hair growth. Damaged hair falls and women lose their overall hair thickness. Hair transplant is a permanent solution for hair loss. Women can easily get their old, charming look back with this process. Using all the modern techniques, the experts of our company work hard on the surgeries of women as they know hair is a vital component to flaunt the beauty in a woman. Women always get anxious when they see their hair is falling. So, there is nothing much to worry as we are here to help them out.

Hair Loss Problem in Men:

Men can bid adieu to their declining hair line and regain the charm after doing hair transplant. Cause hair is probably one thing that directly amplifies the appearance and improves your self confidence. At our clinic, we understand your problem and try our best to offer you your desired hair set up within a reasonable budget. We excel in curing men’s baldness with effective hair solutions. We know that for men, hair adds a crowning glory and help them to maintain the wellbeing. That is why we offer completely natural look to our customers and offer amazing results in hair transplant proves.