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If you notice a lot of hair on your comb each time you brush your hair, chances are that you’re experiencing a typical hair loss problem. If you are already at the verge of baldness and losing your sleep over it, Prem Cosmetic Surgery is here to help you. Our advanced and effective hair transplant treatments help restore your hair and self-confidence – something that you have only dreamt of. In contrast to other hair restoration clinics that make mere promises, we try our level best to meet your expectations. Instead of hunting around and doing experiments with your looks, come to Prem Cosmetic Surgery the best hair transplant center in India. The process is painless and the results are unbelievably effective.

Why Prem Cosmetic Surgery?

Whether you are considering an FUT or FUE treatment, our surgeons are experts in their fields and highly acclaimed for producing effective and natural-looking results. Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia and his team of trained surgeons are totally focused towards educating and improving the lives of those afflicted by baldness. At Prem Cosmetic surgery, we understand that hair loss or baldness affects almost every aspect of your life – both private as well as professional.

Hair Transplant Treatments - The two best techniques

Every individual is different, and so is his or her hair texture. While one treatment may suit a particular patient, it may not prove that effective for others. Our plastic surgeon will assess the condition of your scalp and suggest treatments accordingly. The two most common techniques used by us are – FUT and FUE or both combined.

Micro Hair Transplant or Hair Grafting

Every single hair follicle is scrutinized using magnification. Very fine slits are made and every follicle is placed into the affected area of your scalp (bald area). With the technique of micro grafting, our surgeons transplant follicles into the bald area, delivering effective results within a short time frame.

Within the next 2-3 months, the transplanted hair starts growing as any normal hair. Best of all, there are no ugly scars and the results are highly satisfying. After this you require normal cutting and maintenance of transplanted hair.

A Sneak Peak into the Hair Transplant Surgical Procedure:

Step 1: Preparing the Donor Area

The term 'donor area' is self-explanatory. The hair that is to be transplanted is taken from the sides and back of the scalp. Magnification is used in harvesting from the donor area.

Strip Harvesting:

To remove a particular strip of tissue, strip harvesting is done. Only a highly trained plastic surgeon can perform this task. The plastic surgeon closes the donor area by tricophytic suturing that leaves no scar, at the donor site.

Follicular Unit Extraction:

Another process of harvesting the graft is known as follicular unit extraction (FUE). But, this process entails a lot of wastage. Hence, not really recommended by experienced plastic surgeons and this might leave cobble stone scars at the donor site, making second transplant difficult.

Step 2: Follicular Unit Dissection

In the second step, follicular unit dissection is performed under magnification and cold light. This method also requires an expert team of doctors.

Step 3: Creating Recipient Sites

The third step is very vital. In this step, the surgeon makes spaces for recipient sites maintaining the right direction and angle. The process is customized as per the different patients.

Step 4: Placing the Hair Grafts

In the final step, the surgeons transplant the hair grafts in the bald area. Their expert hands can only place the grafts in the recipient sites.

Few aspects to remember:

  • There is no particular age for hair transplant. At any age, you can take up this surgery. Even at 70, hair transplant can be undertaken.
  • The best results are seen only if the donor area is good. Better the donor area, better are the results.
  • The closure technique that is used at the donor area, is known as the Tricophytic process.
  • For making follicular units, dissection is done (Bench surgery).
  • Plugs are implanted in the bald area.
  • Proper sterilization methods are adopted by the surgeon to prevent any infection.
  • It is recommended to have a bigger team of surgeons. This automatically reduces the time required for surgery.
  • Whenever the operation starts, it must certainly end within 5-7 hours.
  • The Hair Transplant surgery being an OPD procedure, the patient is not required to stay back and he goes back home on the day of the operation itself.
  • Hair Transplant results show up around 2-5 months after surgery. During that time, he is kept on minoxidil 5% lotion and also multivitamins.

Therefore, if hair loss has been disrupting your appearance and life, then without delay drop by our hair transplant clinic at Theatre Road, Kolkata.

Before & After Picture

Image Hair Transplant Center Kolkata, India In order to give you an idea about our effective hair transplant treatments, we have given this prior and post treatment photos for you to review. Being the best hair transplant center in Kolkata, we make use of the finest hair transplant techniques; however, the comfort and ease of our patients remain our first priority. As the number one hair transplant center in India, we understand your individual health condition and offer treatments accordingly.

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