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What Is Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant KolkataHair transplant is a medically approved technique like a surgery that shifts individual hair follicles from any part of the body to the balding part. The parts of body from which the hair follicles are taken are known as 'donor site' and the part where the follicles are placed is known as the 'recipient site'. In most of the cases, hair transplant surgery is used to mend the male pattern hair loss, as men are likely to catch baldness when they are in their youth. There are causes why a vast number of females are also suffering from hair loss. So in both cases, for male and females, hair transplant surgery is applicable to regain the natural look with fuller hair.

It is a minimally invasive procedure and incorporates hair follicles which are genetically resistant to baldness. So you can expect minimum side effects from this process. Experts also suggest opting for the process to restore the eye-brows, eye-lashes, men's chest hair, men’s beard hair, etc. If faced any accidents in your life and the part is filled with scars, you can surely cover it with hair by using this surgery. So this procedure is rightly helpful for people to gain their lost confidence and charm.

What Is The Cost Of Hair Transplant?

Cost should not be the barrier between you and your health. That is why we offer all our hair treatment services at minimum possible rates. You will look much younger and natural after doing this job. The hairs that grow after transplant task are sure to never fall again. So you can live your life carefree and enjoy being admired by others. The experts of our clinic use local anesthesia. So you can easily lead your normal life after completion of the surgery. You would not feel any pain. And all of these come with a moderate package. There are several kinds of packages are available in our clinic. You have to choose one according to your requirements. Our experts will help you to get the best surgical package for your hair loss treatment. The cost of hair transplant depends upon the requirements of the candidate. Know your Hair Transplant Cost NOW

Cost Of Hair Transplant Kolkata

Prem Cosmetic Surgery has outshone its peers by offering Hair Transplantation services in Kolkata at the most competitive prices. The initial cost of the surgery starts at a cheap price of Rs. 60,000 and varies from person to person. There is a wide range of reasons on which the Cost of Hair Transplant in Kolkata depends. Few of which are as follows:

  • FUE or FUT Surgery
  • Most Advance FUT Technique
  • Advanced Technology Used
  • Number of Grafts Required
  • After-Care Costs

Estimated Hair Grafts NEEDED for Different Hair Loss Type (Know Your Type)

Different Hair Loss Types

Why We Are Expert in Hair Transplant Surgery:

If you want to have a better personality and attractive look, then we are the one stop solution for your search. Our professional hair experts offer complete makeover to the candidate through hair transplant projects. We help you to get showering complements regarding your attractive look and better personality. It is the most affordable hair transplant clinic in Kolkata. Here are few reasons discussed why you should choose us for your successful hair transplant.

  • All the experts are highly skilled and have years of experience in the relevant field. They offer customizable services to the candidates according to their needs.
  • All the modern techniques are used to treat the hair. We have an array of high quality and advanced collection of medical equipment. All are highly capable of good performance. Being the best clinic in Kolkata, we offer latest technologies to the clients to offer best services to them.
  • All the hair professionals are capable to do successful strip harvesting process. You will get completely natural looking hair with absolutely minimum side effects and a process of painless hair replacement. You overall look will be natural and the hair will grow thick.
  • The most admirable aspect that has made us so popular among people is our cost effective services. All the services that we offer come with a reasonable price range. So you do not have to worry about the cost.
Before & After Picture

After & Before image by Prem Cosmetic SurgeryAs the pictures show, hair transplant surgery brought a massive improvement in the individual’s appearance. Our trained surgeons at Prem Cosmetic Surgery have the right skills and techniques to operate on your bald head, delivering totally natural results. As you can see, the surgery is absolutely undetectable, even after close inspection.

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