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Affordable Hair Transplant in Jamshedpur

Hair Transplant KolkataYour hair is the most important aspect of your beauty and a thick crop of hair on your head is a mark of self confidence and well being. A lot of people post 40 end up having hair loss and suffer from untimely balding. A lot of women and men face similar issues when they are busy shuttling their work and career. Hair loss can occur because of a lot of factors with genetic factors predominantly being the primary cause. If you are interested in affordable hair transplant in Jamshedpur, then drop in at our Prem Cosmetic Surgery clinic without much ado.

What we do for an affordable Hair Transplant

At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, we have an expert pool of hair transplant surgeons that do what it takes to help you with your condition. Thinning hair can be directly because of genetic factors, stress and lifestyle. Your hair forms the crowning glory and we understand the importance of it.

We often conduct individual testing and carry out a surgical technique to locate hair follicles. The part of the scalp (donor scalp) helps offer hair to the balding section of the head (recipient site. All our surgeries are according to the individual needs of the patient and with high tech care at your fingertips, trust us at Prem Cosmetic Surgery to deliver the best quality hair care.

Led by a team of able doctors and cosmetic surgeons, Dr Maneesh Sonthalia is the doctor of much repute. Under his able guidance trained surgeons serve patients with care and furnish them with the details of hair transplant techniques.

We offer to our Patients:

  • Painless hair replacement
  • Zero scars guarantee
  • Thick and dense natural looking hair
  • A low cost and competitive price of surgery

"Bid Adieu to your Receding Hairline"

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Before & After Picture

After & Before image by Prem Cosmetic SurgeryAs the pictures show, hair transplant surgery brought a massive improvement in the individual’s appearance. Our trained surgeons at Prem Cosmetic Surgery have the right skills and techniques to operate on your bald head, delivering totally natural results. As you can see, the surgery is absolutely undetectable, even after close inspection.

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