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Most leading centres in USA will charge you a whopping amount of about $3-5 per FUT pluck and transplant. In Europe, this amount rises to €6-10. In UAE it is 10-15 AED, while in Singapore this, again, is S$6-10.

Geographical locations determine the amount of money you’ll need to pay for such surgeries. But, hair transplant in India is a lot affordable than other countries. Not many years back, transplantation surgeries were performed by surgeons from abroad. Not everyone could afford it. But, call it an impact of celebrity influence, rising income or simply, a wish for good looks, there has been a subsequent growth in this sector. Advanced and sophisticated technologies have been welcomed. Surgeries have turned safer, economical, and a lot aesthetically appealing. Most importantly, some serious research in this field is booming.

If you notice a lot of hair on your brush while combing, it’s definitely a matter of concern. There are many possible causes behind hair loss – genetics, cancer treatments, underactive thyroid, menopause, pregnancy, extreme stress and other health conditions. The commonest reason being genetic – known as male MPB (male pattern baldness). This is elaborated in a graphics format at the end of this page. For most people, baldness or alopecia gives rise to low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, loneliness and other psychological issues. If you’re undergoing a similar situation and see no way out, we’re here to help you. At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, Kolkata, we analyze the extent of your baldness and suggest the right kind of treatment.

Anyone affected by baldness, often feels a lot of hesitation and embarrassment. Over time, they recoil themselves from the society. For people, especially women, healthy hair is an expression of individuality, health, and of course femininity. Since hair forms a vital part of our personality, its sudden loss hampers our confidence and self-esteem. Luckily, with hair transplantation in India, you can regain your lost dignity and face the society without fear.

Hair Transplant in India – A complete Sigh of Relief

Leaving the locals aside, the country gets an annual influx of about 60% of people from outside, hair transplant being their only reason. The reason is not just the cheaper cost involved. Patients prefer this country because they receive personalised postoperative attention by a motley of skilled surgeons and doctors, which they lack in their own land. Their visits serve a dual purpose of witnessing the rich, cultural heritage of India, its breathtaking, exotic tourist spots and of undergoing a painless surgery at minimum Cost of Hair Transplant Kolkata too. Because of its geographical location, India is easily accessible by the people of the country as well as those outside it. Land ways, airways or waterways – you have all the options to reach us. Sometimes, it’s just a day’s journey or at best, an overnight one that you need. This definitely places us in a strong position. But, more than that, it is our unconditional, high quality service, which attracts people from all over the globe. With our facilities and amenities, get ready for an amazing makeover with natural looking hair within a short span of time. Boost your confidence and walk away with a smile.

Since ages, baldness or hair loss has been regarded by many as an unavoidable part of their life. Several investigations have already proved that baldness has a extremely negative effect on the psychology of a person. Follicle grafting or hair transplant India developed over the last few decades, both in terms of effectiveness and resurgence time. Today, this follicle restoration treatment is highly popular among men as well as women, experiencing acute hair loss. Driven by dedication, a knack for research and the zeal to accept novel techniques, Indian hair surgeons always stand out from the crowd. And, when you opt for the surgeons at Prem Cosmetic Surgery, stay 100% assured that you’ll receive only the best of services from our end. We treat our patients with utmost care and provide the best medical facilities possible without compromising on quality results.

Schematic Presentation of Pattern of Baldness ( NORWOOD Classfication )

Hair Transplant in India

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Hair Transplantation Surgeon IndiaAt Prem Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Maneesh Sonthalia and his team of certified doctors do the surgery in a safe and effective way. To avail the best hair transplant treatments, call us today!

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