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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rate per graft?

Answer- The rate per graft is very reasonable compared to other countries in the world. We charge only Rs 40 per graft.

Cost of Hair Transplantation?

Answer- It is a permanent solution to cure baldness. This depends upon the stage of your hair loss. At first, we will determine whether you are a suitable candidate to undergo the surgery. You will be asked to visit our clinic for consultation. After analyzing everything we will provide you with the exact cost for the procedure.

Our hair transplantation rate starts from Rs 60,000. Visit our website as we provide discounts as well.

How safe is the Hair Transplantation Surgery?

Answer-In recent times, the hair transplantation surgery has become a very safe procedure and side effects of any type are uncommon. You must follow postoperative instructions properly. You will face a minor problem after the surgery but within a week time it will resolve on its own. This is a normal effect of this advanced procedure. If you notice swelling or any kind of irritation, it can be easily solved by taking medicines.

How soon can I see the effective results?

Answer- You will see the outline of your new growth after 2-6 months. However, the results will continue to progress for around 10-18 months after the surgery. Your new transplanted hair will grow fully and the bald patches will have completely disappeared by that time. You will be allowed to go home immediately after the treatment. But you need to take rest for at least 5-7 days following the surgery.

Is there any Side-Effects of this Surgery?

Answer-The answer is no! After the surgery you will have slight swelling but it will fade away after a week. Many people gets petrified when they hear the word surgery, but due to the development in technology hair transplantation surgery now has become very safe as well as effective solution to cure baldness.

Can I wash or Comb the Hair after the Surgery?

Answer- Yes, you will be able to wash your hair after one or two days after the surgery. You need to follow post-operative instructions properly. We will guide you how to take care of your hair and what you should avoid.

In a nutshell, the transplanted hair can be washed gently using a mild shampoo. After some months when your hair is completely grown, you can comb your hair.

Is the Hair Natural?

Answer- Yes. Since the hair is grafted from your own donor hair, you will have a natural looking hair. You will be blessed again with healthy and shiny hair.

Will the Hair grow naturally after the Surgery?

Answer- Yes. After the treatment, your hair will grow naturally after some months. This also depends upon the type of surgery you go through and the experience of the surgeon. This is the reason why you must take help from a hair transplant specialist.

We strictly follow the right and accurate direction that your hair will grow naturally. Dr. Maneesh Somthalia has mastered in hair transplantation surgery. You can see many examples of his earlier work and for your peace of mind; you may even go through before and after pictures.

Is it for men or women?

Answer- Hair transplantation is applicable for both. Although, the hair loss pattern for women is completely different from men. But, hair loss in female is also quite common. The treatment procedure is similar for both men and women.

Is Age any factor in this Surgery?

Answer-Hair loss occurs generally for people who are more than 25 years of age. Age is not an important factor. Before the surgery, the doctor will assess the overall health condition of a patient and then only proceed to the treatment.

Before & After Picture

After & Before image by Prem Cosmetic SurgeryAs the pictures show, hair transplant surgery brought a massive improvement in the individual’s appearance. Our trained surgeons at Prem Cosmetic Surgery have the right skills and techniques to operate on your bald head, delivering totally natural results. As you can see, the surgery is absolutely undetectable, even after close inspection.

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