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Worried about Hair Loss?

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Look Younger by Hair Transplant

According to a recent research, men with good hair growth look 6-8 years younger than men with no or less hair.

Natural Hair Growth

Our surgeons will study your younger pictures and transplant hair that will grow to be 100% similar and natural.

Hair Never Falls after Hair Transplant

The hair that we transplant will grow normally and naturally. And yes, it will never fall ever again.

It takes 3 days for the Hair Transplantation Process

All surgeries are carried out using local anaesthesia. You won’t feel any pain and recover within a very short span of time.

Reasonable cost of Hair Transplant in Kolkata – A brief review

The rate per Graft is Rs. 40.00. The Cost depends upon the area to be transplanted and the number of grafts used. Offer Running NOW-

20% Off On Cost OR 20% Extra Follicles FREE ( Book Your Consultation NOW)

The price of a hair transplant surgery will mainly depend on the number of grafts, varying from patient to patient needs. Depending on the degree of baldness, the amount of available donor hair, features of donor hair (hair caliber, hair texture, hair color). The Hair Transplant cost will also be reduced with increasing surgical session. The doctor will evaluate the follicular unit transplant you need for an aesthetic, natural and satisfactory outcome. For most individuals, hair is their crowning glory. Stressful and embarrassing as baldness could get, hair transplant surgeries treat the bald patches using follicles from the dense hair section of your scalp. Ever since celebrities started revealing the fact of undergoing this treatment, hair transplant surgeries have become very popular in India as well as abroad. Believe it or not, a lot of youngsters are even opting for the transplant treatment. In India, a lot of men as well as women are availing the incredible benefits of hair transplant surgery. At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, you’ll get the best possible results at a reasonable and cost-effective price. For patients who choose to make more than one procedure to achieve their personal goals, they will be subsidized by us and will benefit from lower costs in subsequent surgeries.

Affordable Hair Transplant Treatment in Kolkata

Some years back, hair transplant treatments could not be afforded by most people. The ones who needed it most had to ask for doctors who travelled to India from other countries. Thanks to the innovation of the modern hair restoration technique in India, clinics are now facing a rush of patients. This widely available technology has been able to lower the cost of hair transplant technology in Kolkata and in India, in general. Hair grafting or even transplantation is now very popular in India, with the surgery costing a lot less than before. Thanks to the easy affordability of this hair transplant in India, most people can now afford it. The entire procedure is not just cost effective but also very simple and efficient too.

Early Adopters of Modern Technology

Modern Technology for Surgery There is absolutely zero pain in getting a hair transplant in Kolkata.
These are faster and 100 per cent successful. The FUT is the traditional technique of hair grafting that has been popular in recent times. The recent FUT technique is a lot better than the FUE technique. It is a highly successful and pain less method of hair grafting that causes minimal pain. There is also less strain on follicles.
The grafted hair will grow back normally and naturally in no time. We, at Prem Cosmetic Surgery have been the early adopters of the Advanced FUT technology which uses micro motor technology that helps follicles to be extracted easily. In this technique, the follicles are extracted from a location outside the head area too. The success rate in this procedure is above 100 per cent.
The entire process combines both FUT and FUE to help transplant about 5000 to 7000 follicles of hair.

Estimated Hair Grafts NEEDED for Different Hair Loss Type (Know Your Type)

Different Hair Loss Types

Hygienic Grafting and Amazing Results

Clean Grafting Technology Clean grafting. Lower Risk of Infections.
The FUT technique does not pose any complications as the entire grafting method is clean with no risk of infection. We have a state of the art, extremely clean operation theatres that have the latest modern instruments required for successful grafting. There are no side effects too.
Every surgical instrument is sterilised so that the operation is contamination free. The entire process is painless and comfortable. We use local anaesthesia and you can watch a movie or even chat while we operate on the scalp. Post surgery, we also fumigate the rooms and disinfect the instruments.
There are two clinics in Kolkata, with one in Shakespeare Sarani and the other in Ballygunge that attends to patients. These locations are ideal in terms of connectivity and facilities. You can also have access to good restaurants and clean food, mineral water and other basic amenities for stay.

At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, we offer hygienic conditions for Surgery.

Modern & Technology

Pain Free Hair Transplant Process

Best Services at Lowest Possible Cost

Hair Surgery Cost Kolkata, India Our lowest package comes for an affordable price rate of Rs. 60,000!
Our lowest package for a hair grafting treatment comes at an affordable price rate of Rs 60,000. Around the world, the rates of hair transplant differ. While in the US, the charges are $3-5 per graft, in Europe, the rate goes up to Euro 6 -10. The doctors in Singapore, on the other hand, charge you about SD$ 6-10 per graft. The charges in the UAE are pegged at 10-15 AED.
At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, surgeries are very cost-effective. We charge you a humble rate of only Rs. 40 per graft.
At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, the surgeries are very cost effective and we charge you about Rs 40 per graft. Your satisfaction is guaranteed and you do not have to worry about the quality of medical service. Our top class facilities can be enjoyed regardless of the package you choose. We offer quality medical service as affordable prices!
Quality medical services at affordable price – need we say more?

Take a Step Toward Better Looks and Better Life

Baldness and Cure More than 100 fallen hair strands a day is NOT good news. Act before it’s too late.
Baldness and thinning hair can have a deep psychological impact on your personality and self-confidence. Of course, hair transplant is an easy solution to such problems. But, the success of this surgery depends on the age factor, the severity of the hair problem and even the gender.
All transplants involve the plucking of hair-bearing skin from the back of the head and grafting them onto bald or thinning scalp areas. Naturally, a person must have enough healthy hair so that he or she can be considered the right candidate for the surgery.
If you are seeing the symptoms already, it is only wise to act immediately. The longer you avoid visiting a surgeon, the more severe the condition becomes, and the more difficult it gets to be treated.
To know if your baldness or thinning hair is curable, contact us today. We will examine your condition and tell you if successful grafting is possible.

Modern Technology

Modern FUE Technology

A Note on FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a simple method of hair transplant, which involves the acquiring of healthy follicular units from the back of your head and implanting them on the bald parts of the scalp, or in the areas, which are showing signs of hair thinning.
In this method, the patient himself is the donor. Each unit is extracted one at a time. Advanced FUE helps in acquiring follicles from any area outside the head, like the chest, arms, legs, face, beard, and abdomen.
The surgery does not involve any deep cuts made on the scalp. The micro motor technology ensures that each cut made is smaller than 1 mm in size. The follicles are extracted with the help of sterilised forceps, and stored in a saline solution or cool Ringer’s lactate solution.
Each follicular unit may contain 1-4, or in rare cases, 5-6 hair strands. The procedure is a completely safe, and minimally invasive procedure, which goes painless. It can be carried out under local anaesthesia while the patient sits or sleeps comfortably.
The effectiveness of FUE is characterised by the fact that hair follicles can be extracted with the root intact and without any damage. Today, technological advancements have made it possible to use the method to extract more than 1000 grafts in a single day without hassles.
Once the extraction is complete, similar micro cuts are made on the bald scalp or in areas where hair is thinning. The healthy follicles are implanted in the cuts. Healing is fast and hair growth is healthy.
Hair grown by this process never falls off because it has been taken from an area of the scalp which resists hair fall. The back of the head is more resistant to baldness and hair thinning than the front. This means, the follicles with the roots intact have been plucked from a very fertile area of the scalp and will withstand fall strongly.

Recent Hair Transplants

Recent Surgeries

Beard and Moustache Growth

Beard and Moustache Hair Growth Grow or Regrow Hair on Your Face, Too!
Absence, thinning or total loss of facial hair can occur for a number of reasons. It can be genetic, or an aftereffect of a recent surgery. It can arise from laser hair removal, electrolysis, burns or injuries, too.
But, it is now possible to restore lost hair with the help of the procedure of Facial Hair Transplantation. This surgery is usually performed on the moustache or goatee areas of a patient’s face. But, it can also be carried out on beards, cheeks and sideburns.
The procedure is a wonderful way of concealing difficult pimple scars or other types of wounds that refuse to fade away.
The number of grafts may vary depending upon the severity and purpose. 350-500 grafts are usually required for moustache and 600-700 for a full goatee. 200-250 grafts are enough for the sideburns and cheek beards require 300-700 grafts for a successful transplant.
The procedure resembles hair transplantation on the scalp. The donor hair is extracted from either the back or the side of the head. The choice of the area of extraction depends on how much the hair on the scalp resembles the hair on the face.
Grafting is carried out in the same manner as that on the head. The hair that grows is normal and natural, and can be shaved just like your original beard.
At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, we use grafts that contain 1-2 hair to maintain natural looks. Transplants are carefully carried out at exact angles and directions. Scarring is minimised by using grafts that have been microscopically dissected to fit into the smallest possible cut.
We assure you low risk of infections, fast recovery and incredible results. Schedule an appointment for Facial Hair Transplant at Prem Cosmetic Surgery today, and enjoy a better tomorrow!

Modern & Technology
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Remember our Hair Grafting / Hair Transplant Procedure done by qualified plastic surgeons only.

Hair Transplantation in India – The cost-effective way

The cost of a hair transplant in Kolkata basically depends on a few factors – the nature of baldness, the extent of baldness and the number of grafts required. At Prem Cosmetic surgery, we take care of these factors and offer price estimations accordingly. However, we keep the costs as low or reasonable as possible. In case you find the expenses too high, just talk to our surgeons, who’ll explain the whole procedure to you.

Our trained surgeons help determine the number of grafts needed by a patient. From the first consultation to the post-surgery follow up session, we offer complete assistance to our clients. At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, we make sure that you get value for your money. Your smile and satisfaction are our best rewards.

Before & After Picture

Hair Surgery Cost KolkataTreating baldness issues since years, Prem Cosmetic Surgery, Kolkata has earned a carved a niche for itself in the hair transplant industry. As evident in these pictures, the results are absolutely natural, leaving behind no ugly scars on your head. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about the Cost of Hair Transplant and can even style it the way you like – just as you would do with your natural hair. However, you need to wait till the doctor actually recommends you to do so. If you’re wondering about the cost of hair transplant in India, we offer you the most cost-effective services.

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