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Case Study - Mr. Rajan, 26 years

Why Did Mr. Rajan Choose Prem Cosmetic Surgery, Kolkata, India?

Mr. Rajan was experiencing hair loss constantly in his scalp area for quite a long time. Once he decided to opt for hair restoration surgery, he started looking for recommendations. After hearing about our exceptional treatment, he approached us at Prem Cosmetic Surgery.

At our clinic we did his complete medical checkup and came to know that he has been facing hair loss owing to genetic inheritance. We even found out that he had the habit of smoking, another cause of hair loss. Since Mr. Rajan even drives a two-wheeler, the use of helmets was another reason of his severe hair loss.

Our experts at Prem Cosmetic Surgery conducted a test where it was confirmed that he was suffering from baldness too. Before performing his hair restoration surgery, we did his ECG and blood test to check if he is suffering from any major disease. We then decided on the number of grafts essential in his treatment.

The Hair Transplant Process

Ever since its inception, Prem Cosmetic Surgery has been giving treatment dates to its patients at least 7-10 days in advance. Our surgeons instructed Mr. Rajan to follow some pre-care guidelines like using a medicated shampoo at least 3 days prior to the surgery and take few antibiotics.

We started the procedure by performing a local anaesthesia skin test and by sizing his hair at the back of his scalp. Our surgeons then asked him to lie down in such a way that they could harvest follicles. To ensure that it is working properly, we took some time after conducting his local anaesthesia. We then decided to harvest grafts from his donor area. Once we finished harvesting, he was sent for breakfast. Within the next 3-4 hours, we performed his hair implantation.

The Result

Based on the number of follicles used, the entire session lasts for 5-8 hours. A patient can resume his work from the next day itself. As a part of post-care treatment, we instructed Mr. Rajan to take antacid, antibiotics, painkillers and multi-vitamins for the next 5 days. We even advised him to wear a headband for the next 3 days before his first shampoo.

At Prem Cosmetic Surgery, we recommend patients to come for follow-up session after 4-5 days. We then remove the stitches after 10 days. We instruct you to go for a haircut after 5-6 months. Thus, with us by your side, your hair transplantation will be an easy and effective process.

Before & After Picture

After & Before image by Prem Cosmetic SurgeryAs the pictures show, hair transplant surgery brought a massive improvement in the individual’s appearance. Our trained surgeons at Prem Cosmetic Surgery have the right skills and techniques to operate on your bald head, delivering totally natural results. As you can see, the surgery is absolutely undetectable, even after close inspection.

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